Success stories


Indianapolis, March 2021

From the moment I began working with OJRV they helped me polish my resume by making it more professional and appealing to companies looking to hire.


Indianapolis, March 2021

OJRV provided me with many job opportunities, but one of the most important things that it provided was a dedicated person that was there to help, check-in, and assists on the job search progress.  I appreciate the support from OJRV and the Call of Duty Endowment.


Indianapolis, March 2021

OJRV helped me see that a lot of the stuff you do in the military can transfer over to a civilian career.


Indianapolis, March 2021

Since attending Operation: Job Ready Veterans April 2019 Veteran Employment Transition Seminar, I have never had such an improved response to my resume.


Indianapolis, March 2021

Operation: Job Ready Veterans has maintained an exceptional relationship with me over the years.


Mississippi, January 2021

OJRV helped revamp my resume, provided sites where I should upload my resume, and offered pointers on how to be more comfortable during the interview process.


Indianapolis, January 2021

OJRV helped me to adjust my resume in a way. that made it more attractive to today’s employers.


Indianapolis, February 2020

OJRV’s staff assisted me in polishing up my resume, becoming better prepared during interviews, and choosing the right position for my skill set.”


Indianapolis, June 2019

OJRV allowed me to become better prepared during interviews.


Indianapolis, IN Seminar, April 2019

“You’re never too old to reinvent yourself.”


Indianapolis, IN Seminar, January 2019

“If there is something about you that is keeping you from getting hired, they will identify it and they will help you figure out how to overcome it.”


Indianapolis, IN Seminar, April 2019

“Attending the seminar really opened my eyes on what I really wanted to do after over 30 years in the military”


Indianapolis, IN Seminar, May 2019

“OJRV was a great resource as I exited from active duty military! “


Joliet, IL Seminar, March 2019

“The seminar helped me tremendously. It taught me how to write a professional resume and to prepare for and conduct a successful interview”


Indianapolis, IN Seminar, August 2018

“OJRV helped rework my resume to better highlight my experiences and education and coached me to improve my interviewing skills”


Indianapolis, IN Seminar, July 2018

“The OJRV Program guided me to refresh ideas that have become dormant and introduced me to new methods to thrive in the current workforce”


Evansville, IN Seminar, April 2018

“OJRV has provided me with the tools needed in order to flourish in today’s workforce.”


Indianapolis, IN Seminar, January 2018

“OJRV’s VETS course is a refreshing program seeking to improve the skills of veterans and their families.”


Orland Park, IL Seminar, August 2017

“We had no idea that each and every day would bring such useful and relative material. It was such a positive experience”


Indianapolis, IN Seminar, May 2017

“You patriots are making a difference in people’s lives through OJRV. You made an appreciative difference in mine!”


Indianapolis, IN Seminar, Febuary 2017

“OJRV was a very comprehensive program that really looks for the root cause and solutions that challenge veterans and their families everyday”


Indianapolis, IN Seminar, January 2017

“My thanks to .. your staff for a remarkable program that helps veterans like me to find a place in the job market.”

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