Since attending Operation: Job Ready Veterans April 2019 Veteran Employment Transition Seminar, I have never had such an improved response to my resume. For any Veteran out there, seeking employment, stuck in an unfulfilling job, under employed, or just thinks no one will want them because they have been off the job market too long, this organization is here for you.

I was introduced with Operation: Job Ready Veterans (OJRV) while attending Veterans Court for a prior misdemeanor. At this time, I was not someone with a clean record, higher education, nor did I possess a multitude of certifications. I had been out of work for four years, while taking care of my mother who was battling cancer and had an undeveloped resume that I had created myself. Having turned my resume into multiple companies, I either did not receive a call back, or did, but not from anyone I was overly interested in working for or that paid a decent wage. I will be honest. When the judge told me, I was required to utilize OJRV before moving into the next phase of my court process I was hesitant that their services were going to be of much help to me. 

Turns out, this was the best decision I could have made before returning into the job market. I went from receiving no calls to receiving a call from almost every location I had submitted my resume to. I even ended up landing a job making three dollars more an hour than I had ever made before. Eight months later without revising a single thing on my resume, other than adding my last job experience, I accepted a position making $18.50 an hour. I want you to understand, on average before Operation: Job Ready Veterans, I was making $13.50 an hour. Not to mention over the course of the last two years, Operation: Job Ready Veterans has been there to help me with whatever I may need to become employable. Whether it was appropriate clothing attire for interviews, safety boots, or a welding hood so I could meet job requirements to start jobs, they have always had my back. Even if it meant driving out to the job site themselves to deliver it.

The one inconvenience for me with OJRV was the distance. I continued to work with them until the pandemic hit and they temporarily closed their physical office. Over the past few months, I was happy to learn that OJRV is offering most of their services virtually due to the pandemic, and with the restrictions lifting their HQ’s office has reopen. Additionally, they opened a second location downtown Indianapolis.

I just wanted to say, Thank You to Operation: Job Ready Veterans.  If it were not for the help your organization provided me, by turning my subpar resume into one that properly reflected myself and my military skills, I would not have had nearly the amount of success I have had looking for employment. Veterans’ associations are always there when I need them, but “Operation: Job Ready Veterans” has gone above and beyond to help me become and stay successful in the job market. Both my family and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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