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Desperate to keep the lights on, I started going to job fairs and pushing my resume out to everyone with a website.  It was a full-time job.  My heart was sinking.  How can I have three college degrees, an honorable discharge, disabled veteran status, absolute dedication to trying to get a job, and get nowhere at all?

I ended up getting an email from John at Operation: Job Ready Veterans.  There was a one-week course that was free to go to and they would help me get squared away with my job search.
The first day, I was blown away.  This was not a “glance at the resume for common errors” kind of course.  This was a “find yourself, make your resume, actually learn things that I never knew” kind of course.  I wasn’t just given a pool of generic jobs to try for.  They literally asked someone they knew in my field to come and talk to me.  If there is something about you that is keeping you from getting hired, they will identify it and they will help you figure out how to overcome it.

I don’t say that I got my dream job because of OJRV, but I do say that I would still be struggling to find it without them.  They squared me away so that I could succeed.  Succeed, I did.

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