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The Operation: Job Ready Veterans program has tremendously aided my success in the job market.  The effectiveness of the program is similar to going through military training (in a great way).  As a participant in the program you are provided with a strong foundation to build on, and each day you are given a tool to fortify that foundation.  One of my weak points when it came to job searching was interviewing.  I had no idea what an elevator pitch was.  The VETS Trainer/Career Coach, provided me with the salient points that most employers want to hear during an interview.  Based on the feedback that was provided to me during the seminar, I have gained tremendous confidence when it comes to networking and interviewing with individuals from all over the world.

OJRV has provided me with the tools needed in order to flourish in today’s workforce.  The curriculum design focuses on the enhancement of the veteran by identifying the relevant knowledge, skills, and abilities, that increases the level of success in obtaining suitable employment.  Additionally, the OJRV program further prepares veterans by providing effective interviewing techniques that sets you apart from many candidates during the application process.  Because the lessons learned during my time in the program, I have received numerous job offers because of the comprehensive support given by the VETS Trainer/Career Coach.  I ultimately accepted a position as a career development representative.

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