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What were the biggest challenges the veteran faced in l looking for a job after leaving the military?

Because the latter part of my Army career was as a reservist, there was no abrupt transition. Instead, I chose to return to college for a BA in geography. This degree was in addition to an AAS in paralegal studies which I earned in 2009. After working as a legal assistant in civilian law firms for 8 years I decided it just wasn’t for me. I had always had difficulty in translating my military training and experience to advance my civilian career. The plan was changed this time because I was moving into a new field and I had help from OJRV.

Brief Description of Assistance Received

Knowing that this career change would likely be my last because I’m in my late forties I wanted it to be different than others before that were not terribly successful. I attended the 5-day employment transition seminar between my summer internship and my final semester at IUPUI.

Results of what you received from OJRV.

Confidence is something that I have no shortage of while in uniform. The lack of ability to communicate everything that I have done however has caused me anxiety and a significant lack of confidence in business attire. When I fully applied all the skills taught in the seminar it felt incredible. My resume was fine and had gotten me a few interviews but my interview skills hadn’t gotten me the job yet. Really it was up to me to use all of my new skills and until recently I had only myself to blame for my lack of success.

Resulting Employment

After 3 months of job searching, I took some time to assess my results and what I needed to do to change that. I decided to spend more time preparing for my next interview and once I finally applied all of the new skills, I received a job offer for something that I wanted. Tomorrow, 23 March, I will be starting as a Planning Technician for the City of Greenfield. This has come at a time when many employers are laying off as a result of economic crisis from the Coronavirus pandemic. I will have to stop by the fire station for a health assessment before entering City Hall on my first day. This is unusual but employment couldn’t have come at a better time.

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