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“From . . . 10 years of honorable military service to being a struggling and unemployed veteran and now a graduate student, I have fought many hard battles and learned numerous valuable lessons along the way. There have been moments when I felt absolutely alone and that the weight of my circumstances was unbearable . . . There were many times in my life that I wished I had someone to help me navigate through my storms.

Working with OJRV, I have received much-needed counsel, information about resources, and support regarding my vocational pursuits. I have also received much mentorship through Lt. Deborah Walker. She has assisted me with school projects, work programs, programs in place for students, and needful insight/wisdom that has helped me hone my skills as a professional and postured me for future successes.

Support from OJRV and Ms. Walker helped me successfully transition from my role as a youth ministry programming coordinator at Travis Air Force Base to the next phase of my career as a chaplain candidate for a large healthcare organization.”

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