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Indiana, April 2022

“OJRV has equipped me with the skills to successfully network myself to any future employer. During the seminar in Indianapolis, I was taught key skills on how to best communicate and translate the work I did in the U.S. Army to civilian terms for employers to see how I would benefit their company. The program gave me the understanding that I am not the only Veteran struggling with transition. Often times, after leaving active duty, I have felt alone in my difficulties. Sitting through the seminar, hearing other Veterans of all ages speak of their experiences, has shown me that I still have the Veteran community by my side. The camaraderie and training were truly top-notch.

I would absolutely refer other Veterans to OJRV, and I already have. OJRV is a huge resource and tool for all transitioning Veterans. Not only is the service free, but the attention to detail and the resources that they provide are second to none. I still remain in contact with them each month for continued support and guidance. I would give OJRV a 10 out of 10; their services are thorough and personalized to each individual.

The program I went through while exiting the Army was meant to simply check the boxes in order to clear my duty station; compared to this organization/company, OJRV actually guided me through the steps, and cared about my ability to be successful outside of the military. I was genuinely impressed with the company’s engagement with Veterans of all ages, wars, and backgrounds. The seminar made each person’s transition personal and helped each one of us, even though there were nine of us in one seminar. The training and support helped me apply to multiple federal jobs, and I am currently working as a transition assistance advisor for the state of Ohio.”

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