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Wisconsin, April 2021

“Operation Job Ready Veterans was critical to my success in my job search. They don’t tell you during separation from the military that it is not about finding a job; it’s about finding the right job.

When I got out of the Marine Corps, I did everything right. I had savings, I had housing that fit my budget, I immediately enrolled in school and used my GI Bill benefits to get my degree. I became ‘qualified’ in the view of both the military and the civilian workforce.

I still struggled to get hired to a position that I really wanted and fit my life goals. I got lots of interviews. Some were for jobs I wanted and was excited about; some were for jobs I was not interested in. Many times, I did not receive a callback. Multiple times I was called for a follow-up interview only to be given ‘unfortunate’ news. Several times I was offered positions with limited opportunities for advancement, less compensation than I knew I was worth, doing work that I was not interested in and did not fit my life plan.

The common factor in all the positions that I wanted and interviewed for, but was not offered, was that my interview skills were not where they needed to be for the type of position I desired. 

Ryan was able to provide interview coaching that changed the game. My belief that my ability to answer questions was ‘good enough’ to get me the job I wanted was clearly flawed, but the coaching I received gave me the knowledge I needed to be successful. Before being coached, I did not understand how interview questions were formed or why they were asked. Learning about the interview process enabled me to develop an effective bank of answers to the different types of questions asked. This was not a script I was reading from, but an understanding of what the questions were trying to discover about me in order to determine if I would be a good fit for the position. Once I understood the questions, I was better equipped to leverage my life experience to help interviewers see that I was a great candidate for the job. 

The military prepared me for lots of things. I was taught leadership, confidence, tactics, communication, and how to use and fix weapons and equipment. It was through training I developed these skills that made me a better, more effective Marine.

OJRV provides training to veterans with the specific purpose of getting you into the job you are passionate about and provides for the lifestyle you deserve.

I enthusiastically recommend Operation: Job Ready Veterans to any veteran transitioning out of the military or going through a job search. The programs, services, and resources they provide—resume development, interview coaching, job leads—were all incredibly valuable to my job search. OJRV exceeded all my expectations and helped me develop skills I didn’t even know I needed. I will 100% be using OJRV any time I am seeking a new position. 10/10.”

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