Operation: Job Ready Veterans Signs MOU with
Twin Forks Rising Community Development Corporation

Indianapolis, IN (October 19, 2021) – Operation: Job Ready Veterans (OJRV) is pleased to announce that on September 24, 2021, it signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Twin Forks Rising Community Development Corporation (TFR CDC).

The MOU provides a breakdown of the partnership, noting that OJRV will provide Veterans Employment Transition Seminars at the TFR CDC office location in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. OJRV has also committed to provide immediate support to all referrals received from TFR to assist with military demographics (i.e., soldiers, retirees, veterans, spouses, and dependents). OJRV will provide support to individuals seeking employment assistance and answers to military-related questions.

“Community partners such as Twin Forks Rising Community Development Corporation is a strong example of how working together can strengthen a community. We look forward to this partnership and know this will grow our impact in Mississippi even further,” said OJRV Executive Director Gene Anderson.

This MOU is an ongoing agreement between both parties. OJRV and TFR CDC both have similar missions locally and regionally within the states in which OJRV currently operates. Both organizations will assist and support the military community together while serving as a referral source for each other. This partnership will assist with coaching, mentoring, and teaching individuals how to market themselves and navigate the job market for career success and advancement. 

About Operation: Job Ready Veterans (OJRV)

Operation: Job Ready Veterans is a Midwest-based nonprofit organization dedicated to preparing veterans, service members, and military family members for entry into the workforce. OJRV focuses on transition, job readiness, and career placement, providing employment readiness training and specialized job placement to personnel from all military branches, service eras, and ability levels. The nonprofit’s mission is to bridge life’s transitional gaps for veterans, service members, and their families by empowering them to meet their individual education, employment, and career goals.

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About Twin Forks Rising Community Development Corporation

The Twin Forks Rising Community Development Corporation’s (TFR CDC) mission is to rebuild Twin Forks Rising (Hattiesburg, MS) to be modern, affordable, and ever more resilient to environment and economic trends for the benefits of legacy as well as current and future residents. As they embark on their journey to revitalize the low-income, predominately African American community, TFR CDC is focused on building robust programs, particularly those supporting health and wellness; partnering alongside local developers on focused building and restoration projects; and creating value in the community. 

Facebook: @tfrcdc

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