Operation: Job Ready Veterans Hires New Team Member

Indianapolis, IN (February 22, 2021) – Operation: Job Ready Veterans (OJRV) is pleased to announce it has recently hired James Rogers as an Employment Transition Manager for the state of Kentucky. His role allows him to assist veterans and their families who are seeking gainful employment by working with the veteran to overcome employment barriers and build career goals. James will assist with the veteran`s transition into civilian employment by providing guidance on networking, interview strategies, and resume writing as well as one-on-one coaching.   

James served honorably in the U.S. Navy as a Master-at-Arms, then became a Command Career Counselor and Education Services Officer where he worked with sailors to meet their military career goals. He was in the Command Career Counselor role for the remainder of his Navy career. Upon transitioning out of his active-duty role, James found it difficult to obtain meaningful employment. He worked in manufacturing and logistics while in college. James obtained a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration then continued to obtain his MBA. 

Since obtaining his MBA, James has worked within the community through non-profit and grant programs focusing on employment resources for veterans and youth with barriers. He has held various functions including: Veterans Outreach Coordinator, Youth Talent Development Specialist, and Career Transition Specialist over the past 6 years. James understands the difficulties that veterans face when transitioning out of their military career and is eager to assist other veterans through their transitions. 

James is also a proud father and husband to his Wife and four children. He vows to raise his children with compassion and integrity, and to instill in them the will to help others in need. He also enjoys extracurricular activities; his favorite family activity is kayaking. James also enjoys his role as a youth travel softball coach. James embraces the opportunity to work with fellow veterans and their families. 

James can be reached at the office at (502) 595-8143. He can also be contacted by email at

About Operation: Job Ready Veterans (OJRV)
Operation: Job Ready Veterans (OJRV) is an Indiana-based nonprofit organization dedicated to preparing veterans, service members, military spouses, and their dependents for entry into the workforce. OJRV focuses on transition, job readiness, and career placement, providing employment readiness training and specialized job placement to personnel from all military branches, service eras, and ability levels. The nonprofit’s mission is to bridge life’s transitional gaps for veterans, service members, and their families by empowering them to meet their individual education, employment, and career goals.

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