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“Nothing worthwhile comes easily. Work, continuous work and hard work, is the only way to accomplish results that last.” – Hamilton Holt

Social Media Utilization

It’s no surprise that social media plays a large part in civilian employment. Learn how to master social media as it pertains to the workforce and how it can make you more competitive with potential employers.

Job Search Assistance

Need help finding that perfect civilian job? Or just help finding a job in general? Let our team help you with your job search. Our team members are standing ready to help you find that right-for-you fit.

Federal Resume Assistance

Interested in a federal civilian job, but unsure how to tackle the federal “beast”? Our resume experts can help you craft a competitive resume that will help you secure the right federal employment opportunity.

USAJOBS Profile Creation

USAJOBS is a top tool when it comes to identifying and applying for federal employment. Learn how to make your USAJOBS profile stand out to potential federal employers.

Cover Letter Development & Revision

Learn how to design an effective cover letter that stands out to potential employers. Our experts can also help you revise your current cover letter or create job-specific cover letters.

Value Proposition Statement

A value proposition statement is one of the most critical aspects of beginning your post-military career search. Identify and create a value proposition statement that fully encapsulates who you are and what skills you have to offer.

Transition Plan Development

Transitioning from military to civilian employment brings its own set of unique challenges. Alongside our experts, discover and create a transition development plan that will help you successfully navigate to your next chapter.

Interview Preparation & Coaching

Let our experts teach you about all aspects of the interview process, from identifying the interview mission to extensively preparing for all types of interviews. Services cover the entire interview process, including opportunities to practice both phone and in-person interview techniques and coaching on how to dress for success.

Career Interest & Work Value Assessments

Translating military career skills to the civilian world is often difficult. Finding a good fit in the civilian community is crucial for a successful transition. We can help you explain your skill set and the expertise you bring to a potential employer as well as help you identify which civilian career fields appeal to you.

Networking Strategies

Networking is extremely important, especially in the civilian sector. Learn strategies and techniques for effective networking and determine the specific skills you already have.

Strategies for Successful Onboarding

Finding the right civilian career is the first step; successfully navigating the transition is the next. Identify and learn how to employ successful strategies for beginning your civilian job. This service includes expert guidance on navigating the differences between military and civilian workplaces.

Placement & Retention Support

We have a wide variety of civilian employers who partner with us to offer job placement and retention support. Let us help you find your next job or support you in retaining the one you have.

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