OJRV Facilitates Donation to Job-Seeking and Homeless Veterans

Did you know that part of what we do at OJRV is help match veterans and donors with the right nonprofit organizations? This summer, OJRV facilitated the donation of a substantial professional and everyday attire collection for an Army veteran who spent over 30 years in the banking/financial industry.

When he decided to clean out his house in Carmel, Indiana this past June, Blair Snead knew that he wanted his professional wardrobe to be put to good use. Desiring to help veterans transitioning to civilian employment, he set out to find the right place for his donation, but after several weeks of trying he still hadn’t gotten anywhere. Enter OJRV.

Once Mr. Snead reached out to us, things moved quickly. We were able to connect him with Volunteers of America (VOA) and Helping Veterans and Families (HVAF), who work to provide professional attire to veterans now in civilian employment as well as clothing to homeless veterans. Mr. Snead donated his professional attire and a large everyday wardrobe collection to assist in both these worthwhile endeavors.

With a summer surgery making it difficult for Mr. Snead to coordinate everything, OJRV stepped in and took care of all the organizational details. On August 25th, all items were successfully collected and on their way to many deserving veterans. OJRV is always happy to help veterans, whether it’s in our more traditional role of career transition services or in the assistance of a veteran who wants to help his fellow vets in any way he can. 

For more information on how OJRV is helping veterans and military families, please visit our website and click on our services options. 

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