Success Statements

Leonardo C.

Leonardo C.

Illinois, February 2024

“After separating from the Army, the biggest challenge I faced was getting a job. I kept applying, but no one would call me back. I felt discouraged because I thought my military experience was not valued in the job market.

I received so much motivation from working with OJRV. My ETM Kristal was really good at keeping me focused. She lit a fire under me, and I love her for that. I am so grateful that she taught me the value of patience because now I have had multiple job offers, and I can’t even believe it. Kristal has always been supportive, and I tell all my veteran friends of the work that she does.

As a result of the assistance I received from OJRV, I have a great job driving a truck and making good money. I have been offered some jobs that are not even in my field of expertise. Kristal really made me broaden my interest. She is amazing.”

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