Success Statements

Kimberly W.

Kimberly W.

Indiana, February 2024

“After leaving the military as a munitions systems specialist, I faced difficulties in my journey to find employment where people would accept the range of my knowledge. Due to financial constraints, my college journey ended, which many people did not understand. I possess a diverse skill set, but many companies did not accept it, despite my experience as a leader in every area in which I served.

OJRV provided me with career interest and work value assessments, resume development and revision, and job search assistance.

Thanks to the support I received from OJRV, I now have a beautifully formatted resume, knowledge of additional services offered to veterans that I was previously unaware of, and a new career as a CARES manager at a local community center.

I found OJRV to be engaging and accepting; they meet people where they are. I asked for advice and support, and Kim Dart provided me with excellent guidance.”

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