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Federal Resume Workshop

In this informative two-hour workshop, participants learn how to navigate the federal resume process. Our team members discuss who can apply for federal postings, tips on how to write a federal resume, the federal pay scale, and the federal hiring process. This workshop goes into further detail about what to include in a resume when seeking a federal position as well as how to customize and organize a federal resume. Participants will receive personalized resume coaching and a final review of their resume from our team of experts. The federal resume process can be intimidating, but with the knowledge participants gain from this workshop, they will be able to navigate through the process with ease. We conclude this workshop with a Q&A session, and we provide continued support to ensure all attendees can confidently move forward.

Our mission is simple:

To pair the right veteran with the right employer in the right position.

We regularly hold workshops within Indiana, Wisconsin,
Ohio and Illinois.

Join Us

For a two hour, informational session on how to create & customize a federal resume, apply for federal job positions, followed by a Q&A session!

Federal Resume Topics Discussed:

  • How to apply for federal positions
  • What to include in a federal resume
  • What’s next after you apply

Whom We Serve

We provide employment training and transition assistance services to veterans, service members, and military families at no cost to the participants.

We serve:

  • Veterans who received anything other than a dishonorable discharge
  • Active Duty, National Guard, and Reserve service members
  • Military family members

Workshop Registration

We currently have Federal Resume Workshops scheduled throughout the remainder of the year via Zoom Webinar. If you are a transitioning service member, veteran, military spouse, or caregiver interested in attending one of these workshops, then Operation: Job Ready Veterans™ is here for you!

Complete the contact form below, and a member of our staff will connect with you to discuss your employment future.

Thank you for your service! We look forward to meeting you.

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