Success Statements

Anthony J.

Anthony J.

Illinois, June 2024

“After leaving the military, my biggest challenge was overcoming the fear of securing and maintaining employment and important relationships while managing the mental health issues I developed during my service. With the assistance of my Employment Transition Manager, Kristal Watts, I was able to navigate these challenges successfully. Kristal helped me update my resume to a professional standard, provided job leads, guided me to mental health support, and informed me about other VA benefits. Her patience and extensive knowledge were instrumental in my journey.

As a result of Kristal’s support, I am now the newest employee at Help@Home, hired as a field coordinator in my home neighborhood with a better salary than my previous job. Additionally, I have initiated my disability claim with an RSO to enhance my financial stability.

Thanks to OJRV, the Call of Duty Endowment, and most importantly, Kristal Watts, I gained the confidence and the professional tools needed to secure a stable, in-demand career. Without Kristal’s guidance, I would still be struggling to find direction, endlessly submitting applications without success. Her support has truly transformed my transition to civilian life.”

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